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Dedicated to our dear Taehyun from the boy group WINNER, managed under the agency called YG. The group consists of five members;
Mino, Seungyoon, Seunghoon, Jinwoo and lastly Taehyun.

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The one and only; Nam Taehyun

Anticipating WINNER’s debut so hard. I don’t care about the delays, ‘cause when they debut they’ll come out better than anyone else. And that is some true shit. 

namager ft YG's awkward subs and Mino's arms.
 WINNER for BARFOUT magazine ~

Seungyoon (about Taehyun): Taehyun should be the main vocal. Taehyun has the responsibility and also the confidence. No matter, it’d also be good if he had pride in himself. 

Taehyun (about Seungyoon): Even before Kang Seungyoon became the leader, I already saw his leadership skills back then. Seungyoon doesn’t hold on to his team members. He lets them walk freely, but guides us all together on the same road, that’s the kind of great leader is.